I fell in love with the English language when I was a nine-year-old and have been studying it ever since. After graduating from high school, I got accepted into one of the most prestigious language universities in Buenos Aires, Lenguas Vivas "S.E.B.de Spangenberg", where I took a four-year course of studies in translation. In September 2003, I obtained my BA in Technical-Scientific and Literary translation.

Besides, during two summers out of school, I traveled to London and Brisbane to improve my skills. In January 2000, I headed for England where I took a general English course. As I was eager for more, in 2002, I went to Australia where I took a Business English course.

In April 2002, a year before graduation, I joined a pool of translators from an agency that translated soap-opera scripts into English. After getting my BA, by the end of 2004, I ventured into screen translation and subtitled TV shows, documentaries and movies. In 2006, looking for a change, I started working on the editorial field, more precisely on translation and copyediting of school books on different subjects –such a Math, Social Studies and Science– for the American market. Nowadays, I am the leader of my own translation team consisting of translators specialized in the editorial arena and I carry out educational projects from several publishing houses.

Since the translation universe provides the opportunity of handling different working fields, I have also collaborated on many other projects, both for agencies and direct clients, on different topics, such as history, advertisement, health care, medicine, tourism, journalism, education, business and finance, marketing and technology.

My goal is to convey your message appropriately and help enable communication. I have all the necessary tools to make your translated text read as coherent, accurate and smooth as the original text. I am a responsible and hard-working linguist, fully committed to the quality of the work completed and the excellence of the service provided.